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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex subject but it should be known by any webmaster or website owner who wants to succeed on the web.

In spite of its complexity, there are few simple steps that can be followed which can help us achieve reasonable ranking for some of targetted keywords.

On Page Optimisation

To optimise your website, create pages for users, and then for search engines. Use keywords carefully and limit keywords to few per page. How do you feel when you read an article and every sentence repeats the same word or phrase. You start to get the feeling that whoever created the content has some language issues. The next thing you do is press the back button. Search engines can detect how sticky your pages are. And if they are not, you loose SERPS

Use alt attributes for all your images. Search engines cannot see what’s on the image. The image without an alt attribute is wasted SEO purposes. Of course this is only one consideration that is addressed in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Sometimes hiring a company that specialises in search engine optimisation is a smart idea. An agency can provide ideas that a webmaster might not of considered on their own. Thus it is prudent to conduct your own on page optimisation audit and perhaps also speak with a specialist.

Link Building

Link building can be compared to word of mouth marketing. Businesses understand that most of the customers that they gain is from spreading the word about their product or service. Search engines, mostly Google picked up on this idea and used it to build their algorithm to rank their indexed web pages.

SEO Tips

  • Don't gain the backlinks too fast.
  • Gain fewer links but from quality sites only

    SEO Buzzwords

    • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
    • SERP - Search Engine Ranking Position
    • Sticky - How long users stay on your page
    • ALT tag - The text you see when you position the mouse on the image

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