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Site Submission Information

  • Deep Links have been enabled.
  • Use the 'Add URL' text box (on the right) to submit and validate your site link.
  • On the next page you will have opportunity to pay using paypal and in the next step complete your URL submission. Non-Commercial Australian Sites don't pay.
  • Review Fee is refundable, if your site will not get accepted. You might ask why???I thought so... This policy has been enabled because 9 in 10 submissions end up being accepted and included in this web directory. Basically, only quality websites believe in investing money to market their web content.
  • The site can be added to just one category.
  • Please read below conditions that site must meet to get accepted.

All items listed below are part of the review process. The following sites will not be accepted:

  • Sites that contain violence or links to any sites promoting violence
  • Sites that are based primarily on PPC listings or affiliate links.
  • Sites promoting quick get rich schemes or containg primarily advertising
  • Sites that contain sex or adult content (except those that contain light sex or adult information)
  • Sites that contain pop-up advertising
  • Mirrored sites
  • Sites that are not yet finished or under construction.
  • Sites that promote illegal activity of any type.
  • Sites that contain spam, hidden content or any sites using any type of not recommended SEO tricks.
  • Any site which will be considered by our editors as low quality and bad design.
  • Web sites that are not in English. The site must contain its english version and only URL pointing to the english version can be submitted
  • Web sites that redirect to another sites.

Every possible effort is undertaken to check all the sites for the items listed above. If you find any issues with any of sites listed in this web directory, please send me a quick email to help in providing only high quality links.


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