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  1. Bricks For BearsDetails


    Bear baiting is the world\'s most savage blood sport. A bear, with claws blunted and teeth removed, is tied to a post in the centre of a stadium and set upon by dogs.
    Category: Society and Culture / Animals

  2. Animals AsiaDetails


    Founded by Jill Robinson in 1998, Animals Asia Foundation is devoted to the welfare of wild and urban animals in Asia. We also work towards the conservation of endangered species.
    Category: Society and Culture / Animals

  3. Australian Koala FoundationDetails


    The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild koala and its habitat.
    Category: Society and Culture / Animals

  4. Oceans2Earth Volunteers LtdDetails


    Oceans2Earth Foundation – Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers is non-profit organization that was founded in Melbourne, Australia for the purpose of providing resources and financial assistance to animal welfare and conservation project both locally .
    Category: Society and Culture / Animals



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